A heart for service.

A passion for DFW real estate.


We are a well-oiled machine of efficiency, strategy, expert knowledge, passion, and laughter. Our clients know us as real estate agents who can take a stressful and complicated process and make it effective, simple, healing, exciting, and even fun. We don’t just want our clients to live in a house. We want them to thrive in a home. Blossoming and blooming in a space makes a house a home and paves the way for the next generation.


Interested in Buying?

The real work starts once an offer is made. The search for the perfect house is critical, but it’s only 1/3 of the work to be done. Getting a deal to the closing table is incredibly challenging and expertly navigating negotiations, inspections and knowing what to look for, watching the Title process closely, are just a few of the critical pieces you need help with. You need an expert who cares about YOU on your side!


Interested in Selling?

Technology has not made selling easier. It’s made it harder. With so many options to choose from (not to mention living in an HGTV culture), you have to know how draw out your buyer. People are always looking, but are they BUYING? There’s a difference in marketing and selling. Many don’t know the difference but we do! Hire us today and we’ll share our expertise!


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“I have used The Macatee-Wells Team on multiple transactions and have never had a realtor work so hard for me. I was extremely impressed with their negotiation and listening skills. They provide the very highest level of care and they deliver.”

William C, President & CEO, Corrigan-Goddard Family Office and Snowcap Capital


About Our Team

Living where we work makes work our life! Between the four of us, we have over 100 years worth of Dallas roots—it’s a good thing we don’t look like it! We also span the generations from Millennials to Baby Boomer and everything in between. Benefit from our many years of relationships and expertise.


“I interviewed several brokers and ultimately chose The Macatee + Wells Team because of their responsiveness. I knew they'd give me the level of care I wanted. Ultimately, they got us $100,000 more than what the other broker wanted to list for, which means I would have taken even less than the lower list price. They are such hard workers all the way until the end.”

Recent Clients Natalie and Klint


The Latest Real Estate

Real estate pervades almost every aspect of life. Humans are inexplicably linked to the land they inhabit. Our blog is about everything from market knowledge to lifestyle to telling stories in real estate. Since we live where we work, we are embedded in the community and we love to share that part of our world. We also love to share industry knowledge and resources. Each of us write from time to time and it’s a wonderful creative outlet for us!